Tahqiq fi Kalimat al-Quran al-Karim

This Shi’a Arabic dictionary is quite an interesting resource when delving further into the Arabic language. Sunnis also refer to his dictionary for deeper elaboration on words.

The author, Hasan al-Muṣṭafawī, looks into the original word and its application to various resources used in his interpretation of the meaning.

  1. http://alfeker.mediafire.com/?7ahbatndj7pkvtb
  2. http://alfeker.mediafire.com/?guso84p5yz8ny6l
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  4. http://alfeker.mediafire.com/?xivcibxyx12xx5c
  5. http://alfeker.mediafire.com/?frzex8kbzk4rzfq
  6. http://alfeker.mediafire.com/?lzd7pdz2q95nbpx
  7. http://alfeker.mediafire.com/?6241ag8ky692of4
  8. http://alfeker.mediafire.com/?15qhbq6x2o668xi
  9. http://alfeker.mediafire.com/?91m2m8x5gbx1qj1
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  14. http://alfeker.mediafire.com/?ds3icyel231ct0y

Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20170409105641/http://shiabooks.net/library.php?id=3260

You can buy a hard copy here: https://www.jarirbooksusa.com/11662.html

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