Keep Up The Effort

I remember sheikh Yahya Rhodus gave an excellent word of wisdom when he visited our Arabic class months ago:

He said you put in the regular effort, and then you will feel like you reach plateaus. But if you continue the effort, you’ll experience openings, until the next plateau. It continues on like this.

Such it is with many things… such as your wird.

Make the effort. Be consistent. Don’t worry about the results–they’re coming, insha’Allah.

I remember sheikh Mikaeel would periodically visit us and after a few months he was saying, “the progress I’ve seen here is amazing!”

Even though, week by week, we felt stagnant, over the months the compound progress was substantial. In a nine-month academic year, our ustadh Obaidullah, by Allah’s permission, took us from zero to reading, translating, and voweling classical texts and translating the Qur’an.

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