How To Learn to Type in Arabic

Typing in Arabic, like tajwid, is a skill that is largely learned through practice and repetition. There’s no way around the core concept of simply putting in the time.


  1. Get Arabic keyboard stickers or an Arabic keyboard cover. You can find many on the internet, I noticed Walmart’s website has many options such as these. But you can shop around and buy from anywhere that works best for you.
  2. Enable your Arabic keyboard. Check out this guide for Windows and this guide for Mac.
  3. Practice with games. There are several online Arabic typing games available. Here are a few that I found, which progress through stages from very beginner to advanced:
    3. Try typing out the Arabic alphabet, in order, into a word processor without making a mistake.
  4. Copy and compose. Copy several pages of a text into a document. Focus on accuracy and typing without looking at your keyboard in front of you.

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