Arabic Resources

Here are some key Classical Arabic resources that everyone should know about.


  • – search several Arabic dictionaries and Lane’s Lexicon.
  • – One of the most popular resources, since it has Hans Wehr searchable and Lane’s Lexicon, among a number of other dictionaries. All are scanned pages.
  • – Useful for a quick search or finding a root.
  • – Has several languages of both Arabic > language and language > Arabic.
  • – Useful resource for breaking down the Qur’an and some grammar lessons. Great for beginners.
  • – Useful for quickly finding word definitions in the Qur’an, ‘irab search, and some basic tafsir.
  • – Great Arabic resource for studying the Qur’an, including ‘irab, tafasir, qira’at, dictionaries, and more.
  • Arabic Technical Dictionary (WIP) – A Google sheet that, insha’Allah, aims to become a compendium of Arabic technical terms across the various sciences of Islam.

Helpful Tools

Learner and Beginner

  • DreamWorldWide Sarf Textbook – One of the best resources for learning sarf and irregular sarf. This website has a number of other useful resources for learners.
  • Ustadh Faraz is a top-notch teacher and a friend of mine whom I recommend. He studied at Qasid and wrote their textbook. One advantage to his program is it doesn’t fall off like many others–it goes all the way through advanced Arabic. As of writing it has four modules on four levels of Arabic. The level three module is something I recommend starting at after completing about a year of Arabic studies. It’s a great program to continue with after QuranCoach, or to start with from the beginning.