Free Arabic Class

Insha’Allah, we’ll be starting our free online Arabic group classes on Friday July 17, 2020 11am CST 5pm UK (click here for time zones).

Who is this for?: This class is for beginners with the Arabic language, “starting from zero.” If you are not fluent with the alphabet yet, you may still attend and benefit insha’Allah, but you will need to also work hard on your tajwid to quickly catch up. For intermediate/advanced learners, this may be too basic for you.

What will it cover?: insha’Allah, this class will cover core concepts in nahw and sarf to bring every hard-working student to the ability to translate the Qur’an and vowel and translate classical Arabic texts without harakat. The class will be very self-driven and homework dependent. The student’s progress will hinge on their homework, insha’Allah. Come prepared to make daily effort.

Instructions to join the class:

  1. Join the Google Classroom: You’ll find the downloads, homework, materials, and class info in the Google classroom. Join our Google classroom with code: 2sjmwcs
  2. Join the Telegram group: Announcements and Q&A will be found in the Telegram group.
  3. Join the Quizlet group: Use this link to join the Quizlet group. Create an account if you haven’t already.

The Zoom meeting link can be found in the Google classroom, Google calendar, and also in the Telegram group.

Try to join the meeting a few minutes early for hangout and suhba, insha’Allah.
Expect each class to be ~1hr long, insha’Allah.

And please make du’a for us all and begin with the right niyya!

Add to your Google calendar:

Recitation fluency: It’s very important for every student to be constantly working on their recitation fluency. Recite the Qur’an daily. If you have not completed a khatm (complete reading) of the Qur’an yet, please focus hard on doing so. This is a major milestone in personal development. The first pages are difficult, but as you go it will get easier and smoother insha’Allah. Keep reading and keep up the grind. Join the tajwid classes for help. Many beginners can actually complete their first khatm in the month of Ramadan alone. You can do this in 1-2 months insha’Allah if you work hard and use your time wisely.

Class materials: You will definitely want to be using a computer for these classes. Be prepared to take notes on either a notebook or word processor. Hand writing may result in stronger retention. Have access to a printer–at home or via OfficeDepot etc–for printing out class materials, homework, charts, etc.

You can make a lot of progress if you make regular, daily effort. Trust the process. Just like with fitness, practicing half an hour every day will get you a lot farther than two hours once a week. Chip away. Begin and end with du’a.