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May Allah ﷻ grant us pure intentions in our quest for knowledge, amīn.

The goal of the Classical Arabic program is for you to read and understand the Qur’an and classical Arabic texts, insha’Allah.

There are many programs out there, but I noticed many gaps. Few are focused specifically on learning classical Arabic for the study of the Qur’an and texts. Arabic intensives are forgotten as quickly as they are learned. Other programs will teach you nahw and sarf, but fall off after that, leaving the learner disconnected from their end goal: reading and engaging with the Qur’an and texts.

The journey only begins with sarf and nahw. From there, you must put this knowledge to practice and build vocabulary. You’ll find that Arabic is full of idioms, technical language, and particular phrases, and each author has their own writing style. Guided reading is a vital step on this never-ending journey that is often left out.

May Allah ﷻ grant us all success on our journey! Amīn.

Deepen Our Connection to the Qur’an

Connect to the original language of the Qur’an and discover its intricacies, insha’Allah.

Realistic Expectations

I won’t promise you to learn Arabic in six months. But if you put in regular effort, insha’Allah you’ll make great progress. Trust the process.

Unlock Classical Texts

Read classical tafsir, fiqh, aqida, sira, and more. With Arabic, your potential as a student of Islam grows exponentially.

Ready to begin your Arabic journey?

$9.99/mo. Cancel any time.